3D Models

Stringless Machines at Work 



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All 3D Models are shown at a 20 time vertical exaggeration.

A 3D Surface Model can be used to control any grading or stringless machine if the model is created properly. In addition, with a stakeout rod and data controller your employees can independently check grade in real time while the work is in progress. They can even collect as-built data if needed.

It is recommended for all contractors with in-house stakeout ability to include the stakeout points for the constructed improvements. The same 3D Model can be used for standard stakeout with Robotic Total Stations or GPS for any hard surface or grading need.

3D Model complete with surface, subgrade and all hard surfaces for stakeout. This includes quantity calculations based on your plans for any specified quantity you need. See Articles at the left for a sample quantity report.

3D Surface Model used for site stakeout. The stakeout rod with data controller will give the cut or fill to the surface model at any place the rod is set. With the stakeout points, every foundation point, masonry wall point and grading point is in your hands. This 3D Model can also control machines outfitted with receiving gear such as bulldozers or graders.

As-built survey of graded electric transformer site prior to installation of equipment.